Monday, January 14, 2008

Why the Cowboys lose in the Playoffs!

Another year and another playoff loss! But you shouldn't be surprised because the Dallas Cowboys have not won a playoff game in since 1996. If you are a fan you may be asking yourself why and if you are an outsider it is probably clear why the Cowboys don't win when it counts. The owner.

Jerry Jones is a 65 year old native of Los Angeles, California. He was transplanted in Arkansas shortly after his birth. Jones was your typical high school football player who earned honors and became a scholarship to the University of Arkansas where played with both Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer. He was also in a fraternity.

After college Jones had many business opportunities that failed until he started oil exploration in Oklahoma. This company led to his millions today and in 1989 at 47 he purchased the Cowboys.

Jones went on to win three Superbowls with the Cowboys, two with Jimmy Johnson and one with Barry Switzer. Jones has stated to reporters that it didn't matter who he had coaching that they would have won those Superbowls because of the talent he recruited and drafted.

Jones is arrogant and lacks benevolence towards others. He instills in his players cockiness and degrades his coaches as merely figureheads willing to do his bidding. He does not grow his organization he simply recruits the best talent. Talent does not win Superbowls, playing as a team does.

On top of the obvious character flaws that Jones has he also allows his players to develop into players who hold their own needs higher than that of the team's. Tom Brady love him or hate him, he is a classy player who realizes that he is but one man and that without his teammates he would be nothing. He took a pay cut just to free up salary cap room. Cowboy's players are too busy counting the 25 million reasons not to commit suicide and taking young teenage strippers to motel rooms to do coke with.

I know what you are saying, how does that translate into playoff losses? Winning during the season is tough enough with injuries and distractions but in the playoffs your team has to have the mental focus and the ability to put TEAM above your own needs. Not taking vacations to Cabo during your week off.

Jerry Jones is to blame. It is his team and his decisions. He will point the finger somewhere else because he only likes to claim his successes but ultimately the blame is his. His greedy attitude and lack of benevolence leads him to worry about one thing, the bottom line. I mean look at the deal with the NFL network and cable television, nothing but greed there.

America's team is dead!

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