Monday, January 21, 2008

Bush's Tax Rebate - What to do what to do!

So have you heard? Bush and congress are going to give us some of our money back. Some of us will get it and some of us will not. More than likely the people that make more than 110K a year won't and people who do not pay taxes also will not get a check. Also this check is more like a loan and you will be required to report it as income on the 2009 taxes.

So what is going to happen is you will likely receive a check for 500 to 800 dollars. The government is hoping that by interjecting billions of dollars into consumers pockets is that they will spend it. So that of course brings up the question; What to do with this money? Well in the tradition of the internet and blogs here are a few suggestions in the form of a top ten list except the order will be provided by you the reader and the ranking will change as you vote! So here goes:

1. Pay off credit card debt - YAWN, boring whats next....

2. Buy that PS3 you have been waiting to buy so you can get the best system - A sure hit with gamers.

3. Take a vacation - You know actually get some sun on your pale posterior!

4. Put 800 on the Giants to win the Superbowl - I am in no way advocating gambling...err wait a second yes I am.

5. Upgrade your 20 year old CRT tube, analog TV to this jewel for a little more than $800

6. Get a new wardrobe - This will be popular with women I am sure but some of you guys out there should consider this option also because your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt is starting to smell.

7. Invest for your future - Well if you think you are going to make it to retirement then go ahead and hedge your bets by investing this money. Now on what is up to you, no free investing advice sorry.

8. Lend your money - The innovative people at and other P2P lending sights have created a way for you to become an instant loan shark. Make anywhere from 7% all the way to 28% and no Guidos needed they do all the collecting.

9. Give it to charity - no not the Charity down at the local Bada Bing club, the charity of your choice. If you are in a place right now where you do not need the money then give it to your church or your favorite save the rain forest organization.

10. Contribute to your lack of brain cells - Go out and have a good time on Bush or with or whatever. Buy some America's #1 cash crop or import your good time from Mexico. Or if you just want to partake in the norm and go out and get sloshed. Organize a get trashed on Bush bar hopping event.

Trust me I am sure I will get comments about how I should have included this or that on the list so if you have a good one then please comment. Oh yeah it you want to contribute your $800 bucks to a lowly blogger then that is ok too.

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John said...

I'm not going to get it till like June or something, right? I'm keen to the #10, I love killing brain cells. You forgot to mention buy a high-class hooker though. ;-P