Monday, December 22, 2008

Scottrade Commercial

Is it just me or does anyone else feel a little skeptical about Scottrade after watching the commercial with i suppose is the CEO riding around in a helicopter. I mean aren't we in a deep recession? Aren't we trying to be more conscientious as a country with the unnecessary fuel that we use? And this jackass is taking a joy ride around San Francisco. Well shit, makes me think that if you can buy a 1.4m US helicopter and take it for joy rides on a whim then couldn't you just lower the price of your trades to $3.50 or how about $6? Oh why would you do that? I mean you guys are probably raking it in I mean with all of the people jumping in and out of stocks in fear that they will lose their entire investment. Well I give you a big fat FAIL for having a dumb, condescending, pompous and most of all pretentious commercial.

Now I am pretty sure someone is going to tell me it was all green screened but I could give two fucks because the message you are sending to people is one that hey my trades a $7 keep spending and you can be just like me. Go F yourself douche.

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