Friday, October 17, 2008

The 10 Websites I Stumbled Upon Today.

So I limit myself to ten Stumble's while I am at work. Of course I only do it while I am on break or lunch (just in case you are wondering boss). This is not a ranking or anything just a short review of what it was and my opinion. Just in case you are wondering or have never heard of it Stumble Upon is a great add on for most web browsers that allows you to pick your favorite topics and find new and interesting websites. Find out more at

1. - This is a blog that talks about Home Businesses and gives advice on generating leads, and making money online. This particular article talks about driving traffic to your blog. All in all the article gets to point and is short and sweet. Networking is the key.

2. - The MCCC has been in existence since 1983 supporting Commodore computers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have supported the Amiga since the Amiga was introduced. This is a list of useless facts but interesting. Pretty basic website about a group of people who support obsolete technology.

3. - This is an alternative news website. Their catch phrase is news with a conscience. This article is from Greg Palast the author of Armed Madhouse. He is making the claim that the GOP has been purging one in every six votes. Ten times more than any other state. This is obviously biased propaganda meant to perpetuate a certain agenda. Blah on party loyalty. Vote for the candidate already.

4. - The Bible at your fingertips................ Click on any chapter........ This is a pretty groovy application of the Bible. It separates all of the chapters of each book and puts in on one page. At the bottom it gives you a neat reference point.

5. - Frustrated or intrigued by email teasers from investment newsletters and advisers? We solve them and track their performance here … so stick around, participate and subscribe (it’s free)! This is a site giving umm free financial advice. It looks as though he played someones stock guessing game and reported the results. I stopped reading shortly into it.

6. - This is a website that post list of pictures of certain items. This particular post is about bridges. Some nice pictures but other then that not much to it. Good post.

7. - The simple, no-nonsense guide to staying fit while living life. The particular article talks about Tabata Training - Short and Effective Workouts. I am always looking for new fitness routines to keep my workouts interesting. This article is pretty cool because it actual shows you fitness regiment that you should try.

8. - This is Fox News' attempt at reporting. It seems as though they were saying that the GOP are being asked more relevant questions from late night variety show host then the Democrats. You know tough hard hitting journalistic reporting questions. At this point who cares. All hail the King, Long live the Queen.

9. - This is a technology blog that has been around for three years. This post talks about the possibility of a rocket racing league, a manned Rocket racing league that is. The post makes claims that these rockets will be met with major criticism from environmentalist because of the pollutants it releases. No opinion on this one.

10. - Inspiring the Inspirers by Featuring Workspaces That Make Working Worth the Work. This website shows interesting work spaces that are set up to to inspire those using it. I found that some of the workspaces seemed a bit ridiculous but I wouldn't turn them down.

Well there goes another day of Stumbling. All in all nothing too exciting but then again with my topics what did I expect?

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