Sunday, February 3, 2008


For all those critics who were comparing the 2007 New England Patriots to the greatest teams ever can now STFU! The New York Giants have won in one one the most boring Superbowls EVER,of course in my opinion. The final score was Giants defense great and the Patriots offense terrible or 17 - 14 el Gigantes de Nuevo York.

Eli Manning wins the MVP and Tom Brady spent all day on the turf. Here take a look.

Eli played good but he never played great, David Tyree saved the game for the Giants on a poor throw from Eli. Over all the game was good and if you liked defense then this was the game for you.

But Eli's post game interview said it all, winners want to have the ball in their hands at the end of the game and Eli certainly did his part to put his team in position to win and then throw the game winning TD to Plaxico Buress.

Oh yeah my favorite commercial the Doritos one with the big mouse. FUNNY!

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