Friday, November 30, 2007

Presidential States!

With a new Presidential election fast approaching there are tendencies for voters to vote for people from certain states. But what is interesting is how many Presidents have come from the different 50 states. It should be no surprise that the eastern seaboard rules this list but with the population moving south and west there has been a shift but only slightly.

1. Virginia (8) - This state has had 8 Presidents with the majority of them coming in the first 10 presidencies. Notables - Washington (1), Wilson (28), Jefferson (3).

2. Ohio (7) - At second this state did not produce it's first president until 1869 with U.S. Grant. Six others have followed. With the exception of Grant no other Ohioan president lasted more than 4 years in office. Notables - Grant (18)

3. Massachusetts (4) - There is actually a tie for third with four. Massachusetts is always a hotbed of political conjecture because of the wealthy families hailing from that state. Notables - Adams (2), Adams (6), Kennedy (35)

3. New York (4) - Tied for third New York has a storied history of politics, some with a dubious past (Tammany Hall). Van Buren was the fist President from the Empire state. Notables - Van Buren (8), Roosevelt(26), Roosevelt (32)

5. North Carolina (2) - Polk (11), Johnson (17)

5. Vermont (2) - Arthur (21), Coolidge (30)

5. Texas (2) - Eisenhower (34), Johnson (36)

8. The following states have each has one president :

South Carolina
New Hampshire
New Jersey

Our current president was born in Connecticut. The current Presidential front runners were born in the following states.

Joseph R. Biden Jr. - Pennsylvania
Hillary Rodham Clinton - Illinois
John Reid Edwards - South Carolina
Dennis J. Kucinich - Ohio
Barack Hussein Obama Jr. - Hawaii
Rudolph W. Giuliani - New York
Michael D. 'Mike' Huckabee - Arkansas
John Sidney McCain III - Panama Canal Zone, Panama
Willard Mitt Romney - Michigan
Ronald Ernest 'Ron' Paul - Pennsylvania
Fred Dalton Thompson - Tennessee

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